"The VREF™ process should be the standard for facilities management. Instead of searching of projects, I can look at a complete up to date building by floor and discipline."

Our VREF™ process offers facility managers a valuable tool for the enhancement of construction drawings. By utilizing VREF™ facilities are able to preserve capital when remodeling by reducing the unknowns, thereby greatly lowering the frontend study cost as well as a big reduction in change orders. Savings are recognized as well in operational costs by creating much greater efficiencies in maintenance operations and system upgrades.

  • Up to 50% on change orders for upgrades and additions because most interface issues are accurately known in advance.
  • 7-10% reduction in maintenance labor hours.

Phase I of our unique VREF™ process allows us to scan and reimage old, deteriorated and often-illegible documents and reproduce them in variety of formats including PDF, BMP, TIFF or JPEG. This provides our clients with a way to reclaim old documents. Read More

Phase II of VREF™ provides our clients with the knowledge of how their facility is "As Currently Constructed" today in a raster format. This saves time by viewing one drawing instead of interpreting between many different "As Builts" from remodeling projects and local changes performed over years. Read More

Phase III of VeraPlan's™ VREF™ process takes the now current "As Currently Constructed" floor plans and converts them to AutoCAD or Microstation drawings. Our AutoCAD drawings are layered in accordance with the National CAD Standard (NCS) to accurately show the entire building (or only the portions needed) per floor and per engineering system discipline as required. Disciplines are typically Structural, Architectural, Mechanical Piping/HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. Read More

In Phase IV of VREF™ we work with our clients to create a system that keeps the updated facility drawings current through all future project changes and ensures that the "As-Builts" are not only delivered, but created in accordance with the right standards and are readable, usable documents. For local projects simply markup a drawing and we can make the changes once a quarter, semiannually or annually. Read More