"VeraPlan was able to take the mylar drawings I couldn't read and bring them back to life. They were even able to find handwritten notes I had never seen before."

Our process allows us to scan and reimage old, deteriorated and often-illegible documents and reproduce them in variety of formats including PDF, BMP, TIFF or JPEG. This provides our clients with a way to reclaim old documents.

Files are incorporated into a searchable database to ensure that the time consuming task of finding drawings is no longer an issue while allowing for ease of distribution and protecting the drawings from loss or destruction.

Drawings can be up to 42" wide by as long as 20 feet with a thickness up to 1/2".


  • Minimal time spent trying to find and distribute drawings.
  • Drawings become legible and reproducible.
  • Faster response to maintenance problems and outages.
  • Drawings are secured as computer files.
  • Smaller foot print needed for storage of information.

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